The Leadership Conversations

As a law firm that offers innovative and entrepreneurial advice to our clients, we are launching a new initiative called the Duane Morris & Selvam Leadership Conversations. The conversations will be interviews with some of the world’s most outstanding business leaders and provide a platform for them to share their personal experiences, philosophy, management style and valuable lessons they have learned in order to help other business people and entrepreneurs. We will publish conversations with personalities from a variety of industries to provide insightful and inspiring thought leadership. So much can be learned from those who have already made the challenging climb to the top. What pieces of advice would they like to pass on? What do they wish they had known at the beginning of their journey? All this and more can be shared with others and passed on to prevent reinvention of the wheel. In this new sharing economy we wish to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and advice to benefit business people in Singapore and beyond.

Watch this space for the launch of the Leadership Conversations.